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Analyse business challenges with an innovative approach, recommend and implement value-added legal solutions.

Our legal expertise and experience contribute to our clients' successes at each stage of their companies' development.

We have business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Your success is our success!



Offer value-added, personalized and result oriented legal services to our clients at reasonable, predictable and competitive rates.

CGL Lawyers is a "boutique" law firm that offers legal services to a wide range of clients from individuals to private corporations and publicly traded companies. Some CGL partners offer services in municipal, family, immigration and Aboriginal Peoples Law.

Some of our clients do business in Québec, whereas others do business elsewhere in Canada, North America or worldwide.

Our clients operate in various industries and CGL's mandates are either ad hoc or on an ongoing basis.

CGL Lawyers has a vast network of lawyers and professionals across Canada and worldwide. Our colleagues collaborate when a technical expertise or court appearances are required.

Business law is ever evolving and we are constantly on the lookout for innovative means to better service our clients and ensure that their corporations operate, on an ongoing basis, in compliance with applicable regulations.

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