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Civil & Commercial Mediation

Alternative and confidential negotiation process

Mediation is an alternative and confidential negotiation process that requires at least three willing parties, you, your opponent and a mediator. It provides a medium for your rights to be recognized without having to go to Court. Agreeing to mediation is allowing a mediator to create an environment that facilitates respectful deliberations and offers each party an opportunity to express needs, interest and options. Once empowered through mediation, parties usually find creative and concrete solutions or compromises in order to put an end to their dispute in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.


Furthermore, once a mediated agreement is reached it can be ratified by a tribunal.


Counsel Louise R. Guerrette is an Civil and Commercial Mediator, certified by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada & IMAQ, the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec. She is member of the Québec and New-Brunswick Bars for almost 30 years. When acting as a Mediator, Counsel Guerrette cannot be compelled to act as a witness in court proceedings. She also assists her clients in the analysis of legal and business risks, options and potential solutions when they, in turn, wish to preserve their business relationships while mediating or litigating a dispute.


To reach Counsel Louise R. Guerrette at CGL E-mail:

Skype Pseudonym: lguerrette9

Office Phone: (450) 239-1090, # 208

Office Fax: (450) 239-1296


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